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see RULES / BY-LAWS Darts League Stats page

Weekly League Fee: $5.00 per person

Sanction Fee: $5.00 per person (valid for one league season) Sanction Fee must be paid to receive stats and handi-cap

Match Starting Time: 7:00 pm Tuesdays (REAL TIME) not bar time

League Sec. contact: Bill Nemgar or 208-756-4775


The league does not discriminate against any person regardless of race, color, creed or gender however it is not within the powers of the sanctioning body or league organization to force or dictate to any location to allow a person or persons entry on to their premises if they have been denied entry by the location owner. If such an occurrence happens it is up to the Team Capt. to replace the individual or individuals in question before the match night or forfeit that match

Substitutes playing for the first time will use the average of the highest opposing player for each game they play as there starting average.

A team will be 4 players consisting of either gender or mixed

A team that has a player who starts a league match, but for any reason cannot finish the match, the team missing the player, has two options 1.Only If the opposing team captain agrees the team missing the player may fine a substitute player in the location to finish out the remaining match games. 2.The missing players average will be punched into the remaining matches as if they were present. The missing players position will then be by-passed for the remaining of the game, the missing persons partner must go out before they are frozen out.

A team captain may call a forfeit provided the following conditions are met: 1. The opposing team has not contacted the team captain 4 hours prior to the scheduled match and made arrangements for a postponement or later starting time. 2. The team showing up for the match all 4 players must be present before the 15 minute (REAL TIME) grace period begins, once the allotted 15 minutes expire the team captain may call a forfeit.



1. Deposit required credits for all players and options desired.

2. Choose game and options using "The Games and Options 1 Buttons"

3. Repeatedly press Gray Options II button to Highlight both TEAM and NDA

4. Press Player Change Button

5. The display for Player 1 will flash. Pressing target segments 1-9 and Bulls eye for 0 (zero), enter the average (handi-cap) for Player 1. Press Player Change to set the handi-cap for Player 1

6. Repeat step 5 for each Player

7. When all players averages (handi-caps) have been set, press Player Change button ONCE to begin the game on 2 positions NOTE: The game automatically knows that in Team Play there will be 4 players on either 2(Piggyback) or 4 positions and starts by displaying a game with 2 positions. If you wish to play 4 positions (this is our league format) press the Player Change Button a second time, the upper display will change from 2 positions to 4 positions.


Each feat will be displayed at the end of the game for a period of 6 seconds each. Pressing the Grey OPTIONS II BUTTON will speed the advance to the next feat. The feats will cycle for 2 minutes.


In the event the display of feats was accidentally canceled or time expired, the last game's feats may be displayed again. At any time prior to throwing the first dart of a new game, you may press and hold the PLAYER CHANGE BUTTON, then press GREY OPTION II BUTTON. A error tone will sound if no feat data is found.